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While surfing the web this morning, I found an interesting take on social media that looks into the idea that social media has the potential to be a tool that promotes healthy behavior. This probably hasn’t been explored much in the past and I’m sure none of my readers have seen this idea. Also, television has become an American tradition. Combine that with social media and you have yourself having a partnership match made in heaven, writes the Huffington Post. Meanwhile, social media presents such a saturated business market that it serves as a jungle for advertisers.


The Israeli Defense Forces social media director is catching a lot of heat for the picture he posted on Facebook showing his face in mud with the caption “Obama style”. Social media is taking a toll on Canadian politicians, writes the Montreal Gazette. Meanwhile, some are arguing that bad management of social media is worse than not using it at all.

A writer thinks the 2012 election will mark the final social media election. Another blog gives a look back at some of the more memorable moments in the election, seen through the eyes of social media. Meanwhile, made its own list of unforgettable moments from the election.

This year marks the final social media election, and votes will soon be cast online, writes Paul Sloan of CNET. Forbes looks at this election’s top 5 moments in social media as well as some detailed statistics regarding the two campaigns’ approaches to social media in trying to sway potential voters. Meanwhile, social media saved a small town of Long Beach, NY, and many, many more during Hurricane Sandy.

A bank in South Africa is now allowing online access to customers’ bank accounts via Facebook. Meanwhile, the final presidential debate preceding the 2012 election in a few short weeks sparked plenty of attention on Twitter, registering roughly 6 and a half million tweets about the debate between incumbent President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney. Finally, there are many different ways to express political opinions on social media websites.

Social Media Musings

Posted: October 16, 2012 in News from Elsewhere

A 14-year-old female Pakistani blogger was shot after sticking up for the educational rights of women in her country. Meanwhile, the state of Michigan’s largest universities are learning how to properly use social media while on the go. People in England need to be careful with what they write on social media sites, otherwise they could be in a whirl of trouble by breaking a law that has stood since before Twitter and Facebook ever even existed.

Social Media Musings

Posted: October 11, 2012 in News from Elsewhere

Social media connects students as well as distracts them from the task at hand.

A recent study shows that people are spending more time on social media than they are partaking in sexual activity.

Baby boomers are going to take a questionnaire about social media.