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I decided to go with the recommendation from the assignment, so I went to the barber shop I normally go to for my haircut. This took me out of my comfort zone because I would have never gone to a public place to look for sources for a story. I was personally challenged because I didn’t know any of the customers there, and I’ve only talked with the barbers on occasion when I go to get my haircut, which happens to be only about once a month.

The concerns that the workers voiced was that there are certain times where they are brutally slow and not getting the business they would like. They said that they open the place early in the morning in hopes of catching a few people on their way to work or class in an effort to make some sort of money for the shop. So, I guess that, in terms of story ideas, I could do a story on why local businesses can have both on and off moments in college towns. Another story idea could be that the barber industry is feeble and depends on the location and demographics of the shop. Lastly, I could write about the everyday conversations that take place in this type of place. It’s certainly an eye-opener as to what it takes to be a legitimate journalist. You have to be willing and able to go into places like these and hunt for sources.

A bank in South Africa is now allowing online access to customers’ bank accounts via Facebook. Meanwhile, the final presidential debate preceding the 2012 election in a few short weeks sparked plenty of attention on Twitter, registering roughly 6 and a half million tweets about the debate between incumbent President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney. Finally, there are many different ways to express political opinions on social media websites.